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I have observed Andrea White work with one of our children and her support and engagement, as well as her evident knowledge and skill in working with a child were very impressive.
— Williams College Children's Center

I am over the top excited about Jack’s progress. He’s 3 now and continues to improve every day and it is so fun listening to what he says. I cannot thank you enough for your support and instruction this past year. You have been so wonderful to work with and always made me feel relaxed and confident in my ability to help Jack. I’ve appreciated your perspective and support tremendously. It has been so great getting to know you and Jack loves your play time.
— Lindsay Stratton, Williamstown, MA

Last year I had the opportunity to to work with Mrs. White once a week for forty minutes. Each period I worked on exercises that focused on auditory processing and comprehension. This was a positive experience because it was a safe environment that helped me focus on the work I did with her. I used the skills in school and daily life and of a result my grades improved and I was more confident in my work. Thank you, Mrs. White, for this great opportunity!
— Anonymous 9th grader

Our son Aodhan has had such a positive experience working with Andrea on improving his speech. After being unable to make many basic sounds, he can now not only pronounce these consonants correctly, but can hear the slight differences between sounds. He has a much more discerning ear as a result. The notebook that he and Andrea kept was a fun way for Aodhan to track his progress, but also a tool for us as parents, to help him practice at home. As a parent, it is wonderful to see Aodhan’s sense of pride and accomplishment in what he has achieved. Andrea herself was a motivator: he wanted to work on his exercises so that he could show her how well he was doing. In short, Andrea is a warm, caring professional who is very good at what she does, and particularly good with children. She is one of our son’s favorite people now!
— Dr. Sarah Nix, Williamstown, MA

Our family has been delighted to work with Andrea White for approximately three years, beginning when our ‘quirky’ daughter was about two years old. Andrea worked with our daughter on her pragmatic, or conversational, speech and social skills. She really got to know our daughter and family, and was always a positive, encouraging, thoughtful, caring part of her life. She was able to work one-on-one at home as well as in the school environment with same-age peers, which was convenient and boosted our daughter’s progress. Andrea was very ‘tuned-in’ to our child and attentive to detail – she really understood our daughter and her needs, and shared in our excitement at her progress and general growth. Her reports and correspondence were lovely, responsive, and detailed; Andrea is truly a pleasure to work with.
Andrea was able to successfully teach our daughter the tools she needed, and at age five we have now ‘graduated’ from requiring her services. Our daughter is thriving at school and socially, in great part thanks to Andrea’s help and guidance. We are grateful for her fine work and highly recommend her personally and professionally.
— Anonymous family in Lenox, MA

Andrea White has been a fabulous resource to our teachers for several years. She is a dedicated educator with a wealth of knowledge to share with schools and families in so many areas of speech and language. Andrea combines her expertise with an ability to really listen to and understand children. She is a master at her craft.
— Sue Wells, Head of School, Pine Cobble School, Williamstown, MA

Our daughter started seeing Andrea in January of 2013 for outside speech therapy services related to childhood apraxia of speech and pragmatic language disorders.
From the very beginning Andrea’s interaction with our daughter was wonderful. She was able, and continues to do so on a weekly basis, pull language out of her that wasn’t previously there. Since January, our daughter’s verbal skills have improved by leaps and bounds, to the point we are able to actually carry on short conversations with her, where we weren’t able to do this previously.
We are so glad we found Andrea. Before we started working with her, we felt like we were spinning our wheels with other speech therapists and our daughter’s delays, making no progress along the way. My only regret is that I wish we had found out about Berkshire Speech + Language sooner.
We would recommend BSL in a heartbeat to anyone looking for speech therapy services.
— Nicole and Eric Brown, North Adams, MA

Two of my sons received services from Ms. White. One son who is typically developing had issues producing the “r” sound as a kindergartner and first grader. He received weekly speech therapy until no longer needed. My first son “graduated” from his speech services and can produce the “r” sound perfectly.
The other son, who has developmental disabilities, was evaluated in order to determine a speech diagnosis and amount of speech services he needed. Ms. White provided this because my son’s school system did not have the adequate resources to evaluate his complex needs.
Ms. White was instrumental in getting my other son the services he needed within our school system. She brings experience that is very difficult to find in this area and was able to explain in a formal report why he needed such extensive services. My son will always need speech services and it is wonderful to have such an experienced therapist in my own backyard. Whether your needs are big or small, her depth of knowledge is invaluable.
— Donna Narey, Williamstown, MA

I feel extremely fortunate to be working with Andrea White at BART and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. Not only is she an outstanding SLP and Autism Specialist, but she is a great adviser and support to the BART faculty and, in particular, to those of us in the Special Education Department. She is with us for two packed school days weekly and is always responsive to questions we might have at any time of the week. No matter when we might call or email, we always receive a thoughtful answer full of wisdom and caring for our children. I especially appreciate how much I have learned from her. I believe that Andrea’s kindness, consistency and wisdom have made me a better special education teacher and have increased the quality of our Special Education Department.
— Susan Lubell, Special Education Director, Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter School (BART), Adams, MA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea White as an educator, a school administrator, and a parent. In all three roles, I’ve been so impressed and inspired by Andrea’s commitment to understanding the whole child, her sensitivity to how to best support the child in his or her school setting, and her thorough communication about how the child’s whole team can work together. I have been so thankful to have Andrea supporting children in our school, and eternally grateful for how she has helped my own child transform out of language frustration and into communication success.
— Meagan Ledendecker, Director of Education, The Montessori School of the Berkshires

Andrea White is a true gift and invaluable resource to have, especially since I am a new special education teacher. I look forward to the days that Andrea is working at my school. I know I will have time to talk with her about how we can better serve and support our students. It is immediately evident the amount that she cares about these students and their futures. Andrea always provides a very clear and logical picture of the student and their disabilities. She is always willing to work with teachers to help them better serve and understand their students. I am consistently impressed by her wealth of comprehensive and applicable knowledge about an array of disabilities. I honestly cannot say enough to show how much I appreciate and am in awe of Andrea. I wish I could work with Andrea every day – she is a truly wonderful and impressive woman!
— Kait Calderara, 7th/8th Special Education, The Berkshire Arts & Technology Charter Public School (BART), Adams , MA

I have found services from the Berkshire Speech + Language Institute professional, thorough, and personal. Andrea ensures that the student’s individual needs are met as well as keeping in mind the educational milieu in which the child performs. She has assisted us in staff development, curriculum, and augmentative communication training with a high degree of professionalism. She works well with staff and students alike. I have never known anyone who knows more about Autism Spectrum Disorder than she does or who is more skilled in caring for children with ASD than she is. She is amazing.
— Anonymous SPED Director, Berkshire County, MA

Andrea White was a graduate student of mine while she was earning her Masters Degree in Speech Pathology from The College of New Jersey in 2007. Ms. White was an outstanding student and this talent transferred to her work specifically with students with autism. Ms. White committed herself to acquiring skills that would allow her to positively impact children with autism. Not only did Ms. White complete the Eden Autism Services training program but she also has integrated the Eden Curriculum into her practice. Commitment and experience are key to helping those with autism.
— Anne S. Holmes, M.S., C.C.C., B.C.B.A., Chief Clinical Officer, Eden Autism Services, Princeton, NJ
At our school our SPED staff call Andrea White “the Kid Whisperer” because she can always find ways to relate to children with even the most difficult language problems. She makes progress with kids who have never made any headway with previous speech therapy. She’s pretty amazing.
— Anonymous Special Education Teacher in Berkshire County